What is Geotechnical Testing Equipment?

Before the foundation construction planning and construction of the geotechnical industry, it is necessary to test the performance of the foundation soil and rock, which is usually carried out in the laboratory, in which the test of the mechanical properties of the soil is called geotechnical test, and the ware and tools used in geotechnical tests are called geotechnical test instruments.

Mortar Air Content Tester

Indoor geotechnical test is a test of soil properties. The main contents of indoor geotechnical experiment include:
(1) Physical properties test of soil
Including water content, density, specific gravity, liquid limit, plastic limit, particle analysis, relative density test.
(2) Soil water quality test
Including infiltration test, wetting test, etc.
(3) Test of Soil mechanical properties (static)
Including consolidation test, the determination of the consolidation coefficient, the determination of consolidation coefficients, the box-type direct shear test, unconfined compressive strength test, triaxial shear test, K0 test, angle of repose, compaction test, static elastic modulus test, etc.
(4) Indoor test of dynamic properties of soil
Including dynamic triaxial test, resonant column test, hollow cylindrical test, shaking table test, dynamic single shear test.
According to the test results of soil mechanics characteristics, the reconnaissance and Design Unit will design reasonable construction plan according to the characteristics of foundation and rock and soil environment, and can guarantee the construction and the safety of the buildings to the maximum extent. So the geotechnical test is very important for economic construction.