Vertical difference between impact and the introduction of Rock Crusher

Introduction to vertical impact

VI vertical impact crusher sand aggregates the latest production equipment market in the country has achieved excellent market share, product performance, better user drawing patients from afar. Our production is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractory, aluminum soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw material, machinery construction sand, stone and a variety of metallurgical slag, and other industries. Note: domestic call for vertical impact crusher, China building materials industry association China sand and gravel Association led the development of industry standards also for vertical impact crusher. Vertical impact crusher is a new device it works United States pamanle
In Europe has a wide range of products, product names differ, often called vertical impact crusher in our country. Has more than 30 years of history of this type of equipment used in mining ore crushing hard above. 1988 Germany Mading·shidan Kou removal companies will for the first time submitted to DAVID type vertical impact crusher Cap Sikes cement plant combined with good original cement mill.

VI vertical impact broken machine gravel aggregate production process–can design dedicated high-speed (high level) Highway, and high-speed rail, and hydropower station industry aggregate production of new gravel broken screening production process; the broken screening joint equipment by installation way is divided into fixed type, half mobile type (ski type) and mobile type broken station three species, its production capacity in 30-500 tons/Shi, finished grain degrees and level distribution according to user need and set, usually for 0~40mm; by production of finished aggregate gravel level distribution reasonable, and grain shaped good, and Content can be controlled within 5% flaky particles.
Lithotripter-the difference

Counterattack Crusher
Impact crusher used range: can handle no more than 500mm and compressive strength of not more than 350MPa the coarse, medium and fine material (granite, limestone, concrete and so on), widely used in electricity, highways, aggregate and crushing industries.
Impact crusher performance characteristics: the unique structure, no key links, high-chromium plate hammer, a unique impact plate; hard rock, energy-efficient products shape of a cube, adjustable discharging grain size, simplified crushing process.
Impact crusher working principle: work, driven by motors, high speed rotation of the rotor material after entering, and hammer impact on the rotor broken, and then was broken again on the counterattack to the liner, and finally discharged from the outlet.
Mineral processing plants or gravel for use in the production of most is the Jaw Crusher. Compared with the other breakers of the machine, is of low cost and high efficiency.
Counter break before starting work
1, hopper is blocked, and feed to one side.
2, motor load, temperature, sound, situation.

3, request air gap is there friction surface (particularly jaw shaft position).
4, lift mutual cooperation between the plate and the support pad seat is normal, with tilt and shift.
5, the bearing temperature should not exceed 50-60.
6, creamy oil volume and appropriateness.
7, oil pumps, oil ring operation is normal, the pipe is blocked.
8, operation (a sensation and sound) is normal.
9, the screw fastening is plenty.
10, spring tension is normal.