Features and working principle of Rock Crusher

Jaw Crusher jaw broken for short, this series of Jaw Crusher, crushing ratio, equal product granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operation cost and so on. The series of Jaw Crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and other departments, no more than 320 MPA compressive strength of various materials.

Jaw Crusher is seen earlier broken equipment, because its structure is simple, sturdy and reliable, easy maintenance and repair as well as production and construction costs are less, so until now is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors, for the compressive strength 147~245MPa of various ores and rocks of coarse, medium and fine crushing. In recent years, our factory to meet the industries such as metallurgy, mining, building sector breaking strength and hardness of high carbon ferrochrome needs, specially developed a powerful Jaw Crusher.
Jaw Crusher is mainly used for various ores and large blocks of medium-granularity break, widely used in mining, metallurgical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Highest compressive strength of crushing material is 320MPa.
Jaw Crusher features

1, the use of world-class manufacturing processes, selection of high end materials.
2 jaw Assembly, more advanced, making it more durable. Jaw Assembly with high quality cast steel composition, and through two large steel flywheel drive. In addition heavy eccentric shaft were manufactured by forging, which makes the JC series Jaw Crusher with extraordinary reliability.
3, bearings with monolithic steel structure. Cast steel housings to ensure overall and Crusher facilities, but also greatly enhanced the bearing seat radial strength, while the split housings will not have the advantage.
4, the use of finite element analysis techniques, Crusher has a higher strength.
5, broken cavity using symmetrical “v”-shaped structure, making the actual inlet line width and nominal inlet width.
6, discharge opening adjustment more quickly and easily. Euro JC series Jaw Crusher equipped with wedge of discharge opening adjustment device, this device is simpler than old-fashioned shim adjustment, safe and fast.
7 choose load capacity of bearing sizes bigger, more efficient. All JC series Jaw Crusher is equipped with larger and more durable than other same size broken machines eccentric shaft bearings, its higher load capacity and effective labyrinth seal that will prolong the service life of the bearing.
8, the latest tooth-plates, increases the effective length of the jaw, and higher yields.
Jaw Crusher working principle

Jaw Crusher has a variety of structural forms, work on the same principle, that is crushing material through the cyclical movements of the jaw. Swing to the fixed jaw jaw hanging around the mandrel in the process, the material located between the two jaw plate could be crushing, splitting, bending, and comprehensive. At the start, less pressure, volume of materials, materials are close to each other and jam between; when the pressure rises to more than material can withstand the strength, is broken. Otherwise, when the jaw when you leave the fixed jaw to swing in the opposite direction, fall by gravity downward movement of material. Jaw once every periodic movement of material to be crushed, and the carriage some distance down. After several cycles, the materials were broken from the discharge opening discharge machines. Mobile jaw broken with the continuous rotation of the motor cycle sport crush and discharge materials and mass production.

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Rock Crusher details

1, hammer crusher is the investment of choice for small, quick sand production line equipment, transform a bi form, you can do selective material. This crusher is small, light weight, simple structure, easy maintenance, high crushing ratio, crushing small, uniform product size, production capacity is high.

2, roller-type Crusher reliability, simple maintenance, low operation cost, adjustable discharging grain size. Is the use of surface friction material to bite into the broken area and make it bear squeeze or split and broken machinery. When used in rough or broken when you want to increase the reduction ratio, often in the teeth or grooves on the roller surface to increase cleavage. Based on the number of roller can be divided into: double roll crusher and four-roller crusher.

3, cone Crusher according to the shredder needs are divided into standard, intermediate and short hair in three forms, compressive strength less than 300Mpa cone crusher is mainly used for various ores and rocks crushed or finely, which is mainly used for breaking, intermediate type is mainly used for breaking and crushing, short-head type is mainly used for fine crushing. Channel Rock breaker is integrated within other crusher, main technical parameter optimization design developed a new fine, coarse grinding products, mainly used for medium crushing cement raw meal and clinker in cement plants, technology for cement plant or a new cement production line provides an ideal fine crushing equipment.

4, red star of inversed impact crusher is bridge in absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the gravel industry specific mining conditions and the development of the latest generation of inversed impact crusher. Are widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries.

5, energy-saving principle of Jaw Crusher changing material and, after thousands of test machine and user field, the compressive strength up to 400Mpa, is the first choice for primary crushing equipment, the advantage is power consumption, high efficiency, users save energy and reduce costs.

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Rock Crusher specification

Mining Crusher

Jaw Crusher with large reduction ratio, the product granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operation cost and so on. PF-I series impact crusher performance processing 100~500 mm on a side item, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPA, with high crushing ratio, after breaking a cube of material particles and so on; PF-II series impact crusher, suitable for crushing of hard materials, such as cement limestone crushing, with great production, the advantages of small size
Gravel mining lithotripsy method

1, crushing two broken face approximation produced by extrusion, material crushing. Jaw Crusher, roller crusher and cone crusher is mainly to crush crushing machinery
2, splitting up is to use tooth wedge splitting force of material to be broken, concentrated, adapted to the breakage of brittle materials
3, broken face, broken items as under the concentrated loads between two fulcrums (or Fulcrum) beam, broken-flexor surface breaking the material itself.
Computational method
1, breaking material of the maximum granularity and broken product after breaking material than the biggest of the granularity granularity; DMax – after breaking the maximum particle size of the material.

2, the crusher feed opening width and the ratio of the width of discharge opening i=0.85B/b
Type B—in Crusher feed opening width b—Crusher < discharge opening width 0.85-ensure the effective width of Crusher bit material. Discharge opening width value, and maximum coarse Crusher discharge opening width
3, the average particle size is used to calculate i=Dcp/dcp Dcp-breaking the average diameter in an; DCP-after breaking the average diameter.

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Technology type of Rock Crusher

1, under the crushing force of Crusher can be roughly divided into two broad categories:

(1) the crusher (2) grinding machine
Crusher working with large blocks of material, coarse particle size, typically greater than 8 mm. A certain gap between its structure is broken, do not touch each other. Crusher can be divided into coarse crushing machine, crusher and Crusher. In general the material processed by the mill is fine, product size is fine, up to 0. 074 mm, even thinner. Its structure is broken parts (or medium) touch each other, the medium used is steel ball, steel, gravel, or mineral block and other. But some machinery was both crushing and grinding, such as mill. L 5. 5×1. 8 m since the mills processing ore size limit up to 350~400 mm

2, depending on how broken, mechanical structural features (principles) divided broadly into six categories
(1) Jaw Crusher (Tiger). Breaking action depends on the moveable jaw plate pressed against the fixed jaw plate periodically, to clip in one of ore crushing
(2) cone Crusher. Nugget in between the inner and outer cone, fixed outer cone, cone eccentric wobble, in between blocks of ore, crushed or broken
(3) the roll Crusher. Nuggets in two opposite rotation between the round roll, mainly by the continuous crushing action, but also with a grinding role, splitting breaking role for tooth surface

(4) impact crusher. Nugget of fast rotating moving part being crushed by the impact. Fall into this category can be further divided into: Hammer mill; cage Crusher; impact crusher
(5) the grinding machine. Ore in a rotating cylindrical grinding media (steel ball, steel bars, gravel, or mineral block) being crushed by the impact and abrasive.
A, roll grinding machine: take the turning rollers to crush items.
B, plate mill: using vertical or horizontal axis of the disc as a broken part.

C, centrifugal grinding machine. The high-speed rotating centrifugal force to complete the broken parts and media production.
D, vibration grinding machine. Axis high frequency vibrations, which makes the media and completed items are hitting each other and breaking.
Various types of crushers has different specifications, different use. Coarse crushing by Jaw Crusher cone Crusher or cycles; broken in standard cone Crusher fine short head type cone Crusher.

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Rock Crusher describes the purpose and classification and performance

The introduction of lithotripter

Lithotripsy machine in accordance with the categories can be divided into medical gravel and mining hammer. Mining hammer principle adapted to the massive hard rock mines, the typical granite leaves the material granularity 40mm 90%, the function 100~500 mm on a side item, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPA, with high crushing ratio, after breaking a cube of material particles and so on. Mining Crusher machine is discharging contents of grain size larger than three millimeters in 50% above the total discharge amount of milling machinery.

Crusher according to the categories can be divided into medical crusher and mining Crusher. Medical stone is used for stone crushing and resonance are commonly used, such as stone breaking, avoid the risk of surgery.
According to the principle of breaking, heavy mining machinery Crusher Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, combination crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, gyratory crusher, mobile crusher, etc.
Different types of Crusher working principle is completely different, with ring hammer crusher, for example:
Hammer crusher is mainly broken material impact energy to the job. Hammer type broken machine work Shi, motor led rotor for high-speed rotating, material uniform of into broken machine cavity in the, high-speed rotary of hammer impact, and shear tear material to material was broken, while, material itself of gravity role makes material from high-speed rotating of hammer rushed to frame body bezel, and screen article, in rotor lower, has screen Board, and crushed material in the is less than screen hole size of grain level through screen Board discharge, is greater than screen hole size of material resistance left in screen Board Shang continues to by hammer of combat and grinding.
Performance and usage

Impact crusher appeared relatively late, but very fast. It has been China’s cement, building materials, coal, chemical and mineral processing industries are widely used in various ores, minor operations. it is also used as a coarse ore equipment. Inversed impact crusher is so rapidly largely because it has the following important features.
Uniform product size. crush problems. This fragmentation. Is the use of kinetic energy of crushing ore, and the kinetic energy of the rock and the rock mass, proportional. … In the process of crushing, lump ore is largely broken. but small particles of ore, under certain conditions, not to be broken. uniform product size.

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Broken Rock Crusher type

Jaw Crusher appeared in 1858. Although it is one of the oldest pieces of equipment, but due to the simple structure, reliable performance, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, and other advantages, so still in the metallurgical and mining, building materials, chemical industry and railway sectors get widely. In metal mines, which are mostly used for hard or medium hard ores are coarsely chopped and shredded. Jaw Crusher is usually follow the moveable jaw plate (e) motion to classify, most widely used in the industry has two main types:

1, briefly swinging jaw double toggle mechanism (the so-called simple pendulum) of Jaw Crusher.

2, complex swing jaw single toggle mechanism (called a compound pendulum) of Jaw Crusher. Hydraulic technology applied in crushing equipment, hydraulic Jaw Crusher appeared.
(1) simple pendulum Jaw Crusher-(2)-a compound pendulum Jaw Crusher (3)-hydraulic Jaw Crusher.
Moveable jaw plate is moving with connecting rod, thrust plate bodies to achieve. It was by flywheel 7, 8 eccentric shaft, connecting rods 9, former thrust and thrust plate 13. When through the pulley of the motor drives eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod motion. Connecting rod moves up and down, driving thrust plate movement. As a result of movements are constantly changing the tilt angle of the thrust plate, and the moveable jaw plate around suspension shafts for reciprocating motion, thus crushing ore. When move jaw forward swing, horizontal lever spring gets balanced jaw and the inertial forces of the thrust plate, jaw thrust plate and combination will not be separated. When the jaw back, spring assist role to play.
Flywheel because of Jaw Crusher is stopped working, working and idle stroke, so it did not balance the load on the motor. For the load evenly, would occur in the jaw is moved backward (away from the fixed jaw plate), the energy stored up idle stroke in order to work trips (for crushing ore), the energy is released again. Using the principle of inertia, on both ends of the eccentric shaft and installation of a flywheel can achieve this objective. In order to simplify the structure of machine, usually for transmitting power using one of the flywheels and pulleys. For two motor-driven major Jaw Crusher, two flywheel pulley, pulley and take off wheel.

Eccentric shaft or spindle crusher is an important part of it is, simple pendulum Jaw Crusher jaw suspension shafts and spindles. Eccentric shaft is driven up and down movement of the connecting rod main parts, due to the large crushing force on their work, and are generally made of high quality steel production. According to China resources, large Jaw Crusher of the eccentric shaft using manganese-molybdenum-vanadium, boron and manganese-molybdenum-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel is appropriate. Small Jaw Crusher is manufactured using the 45th steel. Eccentric shaft should be quenched and tempered or normalized heat treatment to improve the strength and wear resistance. Steel spindle general use of 45th.
Link only the simple pendulum Jaw Crusher has, it is composed by the connecting rod and crank end. Due to work under tension, it made with steel. There is overall and combinations of the two connecting rods, which for many medium and small Jaw Crusher, which is mainly used for large Jaw Crusher. In order to reduce the inertia effect of the connecting rod, should seek to reduce the weight of connecting rods, so, small Jaw Crusher used in “work” or “ten”-shaped cross section structure and large Jaw Crusher used box-section form. Hydraulic Jaw Crusher, Rod body is also equipped with a hydraulic cylinder (plunger), insurance role in when the machine is overloaded.
Adjustment device it was Crusher discharge size adjustment mechanism. With the broken tooth plate wear, increase discharge opening, broken grain becomes thicker. In order to guarantee the product size requirements, you must use equipment, periodic adjustment of the discharge opening size.
Jaw Crusher discharge opening adjustment method, there are three main forms:
1 and shim adjustment. In the thrust bearing between the posterior wall of the rack and into a group of equal thickness of gasket. Use to increase or reduce the number of spacer layer, making Crusher discharge opening decreases or increases. This approach can be multiple adjustments, machine structure compact, you can reduce the weight of equipment, but must pay parking. Large Jaw Crusher used this method of adjustment.

2, wedge adjustments. With thrust bearing between the posterior wall of the rack and the two realized the wedges relative Crusher discharge opening adjustment. Turn the nut on the bolt and adjustment wedges along the back wall of the rack up or down move, drives wedges before “moving forward or backward, so as to promote or jaw thrust plate, for the purpose of discharge opening adjustment. This method can achieve the stepless adjustment, easy to adjust, to save time, do not stop adjustment, but increasing the size and weight of the machine. Medium and small Jaw Crusher often use the adjusting device.
3, hydraulic adjustment: 2012 years where there is installed to adjust the discharge opening of the hydraulic cylinder, Jaw Crusher hydraulic safety device, which is reliable and secure, and easy to troubleshoot. The crusher is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and piston on the connecting rod, cylinder connected with the upper part of the connecting rod, piston and bearing thrust plate convergence. Normal working hours, with pressure in the fuel tank of oil, the piston rod and cylinder is equivalent to a whole. When entering the crushing Chamber the broken objects, connecting rod stress increases rapidly, the oil pressure suddenly increased in the fuel tank, opened the valve for fluid flow, being squeezed out of the pressure oil, the piston and the cylinder release. At this point, connecting rod cylinder while still moving up and down with the rotation of the eccentric shaft, connecting rod-piston fixed, so the thrust plate and moving jaw does not swing, play the role of safety device. With the development of hydraulic technology, this Crusher will be widely used.
Worth noting is that head of the connecting rod bolt or PIN on the flywheel (keys), as Jaw Crusher safety device is not appropriate. Jaw Crusher jaw broken for short, the series has broken than large, equal product granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operation cost and so on. Jaw Crusher (broken jaw) is widely used in mining, metallurgical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and other departments, no more than 320 MPA compressive strength of various materials.

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Vertical difference between impact and the introduction of Rock Crusher

Introduction to vertical impact

VI vertical impact crusher sand aggregates the latest production equipment market in the country has achieved excellent market share, product performance, better user drawing patients from afar. Our production is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractory, aluminum soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw material, machinery construction sand, stone and a variety of metallurgical slag, and other industries. Note: domestic call for vertical impact crusher, China building materials industry association China sand and gravel Association led the development of industry standards also for vertical impact crusher. Vertical impact crusher is a new device it works United States pamanle
In Europe has a wide range of products, product names differ, often called vertical impact crusher in our country. Has more than 30 years of history of this type of equipment used in mining ore crushing hard above. 1988 Germany Mading·shidan Kou removal companies will for the first time submitted to DAVID type vertical impact crusher Cap Sikes cement plant combined with good original cement mill.

VI vertical impact broken machine gravel aggregate production process–can design dedicated high-speed (high level) Highway, and high-speed rail, and hydropower station industry aggregate production of new gravel broken screening production process; the broken screening joint equipment by installation way is divided into fixed type, half mobile type (ski type) and mobile type broken station three species, its production capacity in 30-500 tons/Shi, finished grain degrees and level distribution according to user need and set, usually for 0~40mm; by production of finished aggregate gravel level distribution reasonable, and grain shaped good, and Content can be controlled within 5% flaky particles.
Lithotripter-the difference

Counterattack Crusher
Impact crusher used range: can handle no more than 500mm and compressive strength of not more than 350MPa the coarse, medium and fine material (granite, limestone, concrete and so on), widely used in electricity, highways, aggregate and crushing industries.
Impact crusher performance characteristics: the unique structure, no key links, high-chromium plate hammer, a unique impact plate; hard rock, energy-efficient products shape of a cube, adjustable discharging grain size, simplified crushing process.
Impact crusher working principle: work, driven by motors, high speed rotation of the rotor material after entering, and hammer impact on the rotor broken, and then was broken again on the counterattack to the liner, and finally discharged from the outlet.
Mineral processing plants or gravel for use in the production of most is the Jaw Crusher. Compared with the other breakers of the machine, is of low cost and high efficiency.
Counter break before starting work
1, hopper is blocked, and feed to one side.
2, motor load, temperature, sound, situation.

3, request air gap is there friction surface (particularly jaw shaft position).
4, lift mutual cooperation between the plate and the support pad seat is normal, with tilt and shift.
5, the bearing temperature should not exceed 50-60.
6, creamy oil volume and appropriateness.
7, oil pumps, oil ring operation is normal, the pipe is blocked.
8, operation (a sensation and sound) is normal.
9, the screw fastening is plenty.
10, spring tension is normal.

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