Concrete flow meter applications

General-1, electromagnetic flowmeter used in metallurgical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, textile, and drainage, sewage treatment, medicine, food, biological and fine chemical industry in the field of General Electromagnetic Flowmeter, is the main type of electromagnetic flowmeter. Conductivity of the medium to be measured has a range of requirements, generally cannot be larger than the upper and lower bounds.

Explosion-proof type 2, electromagnetic flowmeter used in explosive atmosphere of the place. Due to the large energy of excitation current, there is mainly based on flame-proof. Abroad in recent years, there has been and intrinsic safety type, that is intrinsically safe type magnetic flowmeters, excitation power greatly reduced, can be made into one, all packed in a hazardous area.

3, electromagnetic flowmeter used in medicine, food and biological chemistry and other industrial Electromagnetic Flowmeter, scheduled to bacteria and for easy removal-clean, to comply with the hygiene requirements.
4, immersion-proof type Electromagnetic Flowmeter sensor installed on the ground, under water immersion for a short time.
Submersible 5, electromagnetic flow meter is used to measure open channel or non-full pipe culverts free surface flow of traffic. Sensors in the river closure of open channel bezel bottom, submerged in water for a long time to work. Structure and uses are different from General Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
6, insert Electromagnetic Flowmeter electromagnetic flow sensors for diameter. Radial insert in the sensor from the pipe hole, to measure the flow velocity calculated flow, less accurate, but the price is cheap, suitable control system.

Electromagnetic water meter composed by sensors and converters, sensors mounted on the measuring pipe, the converter can be combined with sensors connected together are called one-type Electromagnetic Flowmeter, converters are installed away from the sensor within 30 m or within 100 metres of the occasion, connected by a shielded cable between the two called a separation-type Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Using the world’s latest technologies. Using constant flow low frequency of three rectangular or dual-frequency square wave excitation, square wave magnetic field strengths and overcome the shortcomings of the sinusoidal magnetic field; you can also eliminate the fluctuations in supply voltage, power, frequency and excitation coil impedance changes caused by error and has an excellent zero point stability and not under the influence of fluid noise. Which has the characteristics of high stability, high reliability
Product features:

1, the measurement is not affected by the fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity of the effect;
Measuring tube 2, unimpeded flow of parts, no pressure loss, less straight pipe requirement;
Nominal size 3, series DN15~DN3000. Sensor electrode materials for lining and a wide selection of;
4, converters with novel excitation, low power consumption, zero point stability, high accuracy. Flow range up to 1500:1;
5, converters and sensors integration or separation;
6, converter with 16-bit high-performance microprocessor, 2x16LCD display, parameter setting, programming and reliable; flowmeter for bi-directional measurement system, containing three Integrator: forward, reverse the total amount and total margin; to display. Zhuang, reverse flow, and multiple-output: current, pulse, digital communications, HART;