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Consolidation Test Definition:

A test method for determining the properties of drainage, venting and bubble compression of soil under external forces. In general, the soil body is subjected to three main stress, and three corresponding changes occur.

Experimental purpose

This test is used to measure the compressibility index of soil, including the compressibility factor AV, the compression index cc and the consolidation coefficient CV, so as to provide the necessary calculation parameters for estimating the settlement of buildings and the degree of consolidation through different time. The greater the consolidation coefficient CV of soil, the faster the consolidation speed of soil is.

Influencing factors

1. The inner wall of the ring knife should maintain a high finish;
2, permeable plate permeability coefficient should be greater than the sample permeability coefficient;
3, the pressure equipment should be able to apply vertical pressure at all levels in an instant, and no impact;
4, displacement sensor precision;
5. The time of measuring meter must not be error.
Operation Steps
(1) Cutting sample: Using ring knife to cut the undisturbed soil samples or to prepare the required state of disturbed soil samples.
(2) Determination of the sample density: the extraction of residual soil to determine the moisture content, when required to saturate the sample.
(3) The specimen is placed: The specimen with a ring knife is placed in the sheath of the compressed container, and in the container the bottom plate, the moist filter paper and the permeable stone are each A, then placed in the pressurized guide ring and the pressure plate.
(4) Check the equipment: Check the pressure equipment is sensitive, adjust the lever level.
(5) Installation scale: The compressed container of the specimen is placed in the center of the pressure table, and the pressure-transmitting steel ball is connected with the concave point of the pressurized beam. Then load the scale, adjust the gauge rod head so that the length of the extension is not less than 8mm, and check the scale is flexible and vertical (in the teaching experiment, students should practice the scale reading).
(6) Apply preload: To ensure that all parts of the compressor contact good, exert 1kPa preload load, and then adjust the scale
Readings to 0.
(7) Pressure observation:
1 load grade is generally 50, 100, 200, 400kPa.
2 in the case of saturated specimens, the first stage of the load should be applied immediately after filling the compressed container with water. If the unsaturated test
, the need for wet cotton yarn around the pressure cover plate for four weeks to avoid evaporation of water.
3 compression stability standards for each level of load under the compression of 24 hours, or the meter reading per hour change is not less than 0.005
MM considers stability (teaching experiments can be assumed to be a stable time). The second stage load is applied after the measured compression stabilized readings are recorded.
Successive loading to the end of the test.
4 after the test, remove the parts of the instrument, take out the specimen, and determine the water content after the test if necessary.

What is Geotechnical Testing Equipment?

Before the foundation construction planning and construction of the geotechnical industry, it is necessary to test the performance of the foundation soil and rock, which is usually carried out in the laboratory, in which the test of the mechanical properties of the soil is called geotechnical test, and the ware and tools used in geotechnical tests are called geotechnical test instruments.

Mortar Air Content Tester

Indoor geotechnical test is a test of soil properties. The main contents of indoor geotechnical experiment include:
(1) Physical properties test of soil
Including water content, density, specific gravity, liquid limit, plastic limit, particle analysis, relative density test.
(2) Soil water quality test
Including infiltration test, wetting test, etc.
(3) Test of Soil mechanical properties (static)
Including consolidation test, the determination of the consolidation coefficient, the determination of consolidation coefficients, the box-type direct shear test, unconfined compressive strength test, triaxial shear test, K0 test, angle of repose, compaction test, static elastic modulus test, etc.
(4) Indoor test of dynamic properties of soil
Including dynamic triaxial test, resonant column test, hollow cylindrical test, shaking table test, dynamic single shear test.
According to the test results of soil mechanics characteristics, the reconnaissance and Design Unit will design reasonable construction plan according to the characteristics of foundation and rock and soil environment, and can guarantee the construction and the safety of the buildings to the maximum extent. So the geotechnical test is very important for economic construction.

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Maintenance of Concrete Mixer–Follow the 5 Steps

Five Steps to Maintain a Concrete Mixer
1. Keep the machine clean and remove dirt and obstructions from the machine.
2. Check the oil and circuit and control equipment of each lubricating place, and add lubricating oil according to the requirement.
3. Before each use, add water to the mixing drum to run for 1 to 2 minutes, and check the clutch and the reliability of the braking device work.
4. During the process of concrete mixer operation, you should always listen to the sound of motor, reducer and transmission gear to make sure it’s functioning and the temperature is not too high.
5. After each use, the concrete mixer should be cleaned carefully. (matters needing attention are as below )

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The working principle and structure of roller crusher

1, the series of roller crusher mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression and adjustment devices and drive devices and other components.

2, the adjustment of the size of the material: between the two rollers are equipped with wedge or gasket adjustment device, the top of the wedge device with adjustment bolts, when the adjustment bolt to pull up the wedge, the wedge will move the roller from the Fixed wheel, that is, the gap between the two rollers become larger, the material size becomes larger, when the wedge down, the activities of the roller under the action of the compression spring under the gap becomes smaller, the material size becomes smaller. The gasket device adjusts the size of the material by increasing the amount or thickness of the gasket. When the gasket is increased, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger. When the gasket is reduced, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller and the particle size becomes smaller The
3, the drive mechanism is driven by two motors, through the V-belt drive to the wheel on the wheel, in accordance with the relative direction of movement. In the broken material, the material from the feed through the roller, the crushing and crushing, broken products from the bottom of the undercover discharge.

The working principle and structure of roller crusher

The working principle and structure of roller crusher

4, for safety, transmission part should be based on the actual situation to install safety cover. The double-roll crusher is capable of crushing all kinds of high and medium hardness ores and rocks in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, chemical, cement, refractory materials, abrasives and building materials, especially in the building materials industry. Products, there are more general crushing machinery more excellent results.

Rock Crusher operations

General convention

1th reproduces Write-up product, Crusher owners have to be certified to obtain “three understand” (expertise in construction, comprehend the operation, to grasp the original
) In addition to “four” (the utilization, repair, maintenance, troubleshooting), exercising, passed your check-up,
Soon after obtaining the certification, functioning.
Content Next scrape conveyor with doing the job encounter motorists, haulage buckle conveyor drivers carefully single indication associates
Sequentially wide open and closed down by using big coal and dried squander Crusher give food to opening piling up of spilled, really should pun intended, the dough remover
Conveyor business in the event that coal, waste cannot enter the separate any time joining or maybe precious metal physical objects, must be power down.
Prep, evaluation as well as procedure
Be prepared:

A person, equipment: wrenches, pliers, tools, hammers, shovels and the like;
Only two, the desired spares: a number of limited chain, sequence wedding rings, bolts, crazy, hooks Crusher insurance coverage and so on;
Exam plus cure:
One, powerplant, products reducer, the gas coupling, brain, longest tail and various portions of this direction must be full and in good condition
Along with buckling gear reducer, hydraulic canal segment, tthere shouldn’t be oil seepage, fat leaks, essential oil should be ideal;
A pair of, a indicate have to be hypersensitive in addition to reputable, virtually no impulses that energy spew sprinklers to keep throughout good;
3 or more, power wires, operating wire must dangle, absolutely no pressure;
4, on the head of coal, spend coal particles, dust as well as applications, reducer has to be lightly fluffed clean up;
A few, scraper conveyor with functioning deal with mind plus reprinted lapping appliance end to the correct;
Some crucial moderate, scrape archipelago, scraper along with attaching anchoring screws has to be comprehensive;
6, switch the car running has to be stable plus trusted;

Seven, publishing equipment moves in many situations if it is fired up, dry up all the parts associated with task should not be any excessive appear apparatus, scrapers, tirechains, and in some cases
Band, torsion pose, twist-free variable folding deformation;
Being unfaithful, crusher, Crusher highway must be around great condition, solid;
Ten, mashing a protection online and also safeguards tools, to make sure absolutely no deformation with no disappointment, harmless as well as reputable;
12, publishing machine, Crusher street must be around fine shape, solid.
1, in close proximity this permanent magnetic Employee manage televison broadcasting;
2, media press button decrease 2 or 3 times;
Three or more, 1-2 full week starting up, idling;
4, insert machine, Crusher shared function;
Five, without having different, due to the power on indicate;
7, operating equipment plus powerplant to absolutely no vibrations, sound and environment on track, the particular showing heat doesn’t go over 75 ,
Motor unit temperatures shall never go over a manufacturing facility;
Six, switch your company stress has to be dependable, underneath entire stress, company pressure would not permit greater than not one but two restaurants
Trap size, without the need of organizations, cycle jumping sensation;
8, Crusher safeguard system protection machine really should be kept in excellent, check inside the get the job done method, or no harm really should be
Promptly quit running;

Hunting for, produced butt protection along with wellbeing equipment has to be throughout great condition;
Ten, slowly move the stress machine
Crusher bearings focus
One) maintain bearings plus the surrounding clean up
3) work with properly: sloppy by using bearings using a powerful impression, having marks, forming ridges ., bone fracture and also other accidents.
3 or more) utilizing the appropriate tool
Five) Notice displaying Corrode avoidance in order to avoid moist areas people, as well as never perspire tainted, should don work gloves.


Good ole’ Crusher function

Test out manage:

One, shut the magnetic Beginning cope with indication;
A pair of, click press button all the way down 2 or 3 times;
One ~2 week 3, commencing, idling;
Some, fill equipment, Crusher joints functioning;
Five, without the need of difference, because of the turn on indicator.

Half a dozen, Crusher machinery along with powerplant during procedure must not include vibration, sound plus humidness is commonly, the actual displaying heat range doesn’t meet or exceed 5, your engine temperatures should not go beyond the particular manufacturing unit;
Six, change the string stress must be reliable, beneath entire load, chain duration accommodating does not permit above 2 inbound links, without having snowchains, archipelago pouncing sensation;
7, turn the particular swivel on the fusible outlet or maybe chips is damaged, not provided involving wooden or some other fabric constantly in place;
Being unfaithful, Crusher safeguard multilevel basic safety device must be held in great condition, always check inside the get the job done course of action, if harm need to be quickly shut down;
10, duplicated pursue safety and other wellbeing devices has to be around great condition;
13, transferring fill product.
(One particular), clearing your butt plus the fuselage sides in addition to fossil fuel within links, suspended decline;
(Only two), safeguard regarding cords, water lines, lines, plus clinging neatly;

(3 or more), look at the road, regarding safe practices in excess of weight machine;
(4), the particular tail weight loss belt conveyor together with the automobile jogging along with superior get in touch with, with no difference, lap right after the change is sweet, protect against large coal waste mashing tape, ensure the stream with fossil fuel;
Your finish highlites

A person, prevent reducing coal confront Shearer, is going right after the scrape conveyors, scrape conveyors, crushers and load device served many of the coal within.
Two, the machine, a tail and the fuselage upon facets in the coal, squander correct.
3 or more, the permanent magnet Employee transition electricity failure attack, tighten securing anchoring screws


Steel Crusher-substance

Damaged goal in addition to importance

One particular, target: around metallurgy, my own, chemical like field, cement market, each and every year a few large number of coal and also recycle associated with throw away call for producing with Crusher. Like for example ore-dressing vegetable, to experience remote location of useful enzymes inside the ore will need milling approach in ore crushing with a crusher to your measurement demanded. Crusher crushing connected with raw materials is necessary to our next size of job wants. Throughout coking crops, sintering crops, ceramics, wine glass field, powder metallurgy field, don’t have to be damaged ruined machines and coal yet another size employment demands.

3, meaning: while in the chemical type field, electric power segment, killer as well as running machines plus fresh fabric killer, milling, raising the surface in the content, building great conditions regarding decreasing the response time of the item. With the rapid growth and development of sector as well as options rapidly decreased, recycle associated with spend from the creation of several sectors is vital, these kind of waste materials involving producing required killer machinery will be cracked.
Healthcare gemstone equipment
A person, extracorporeal jolt tide lithotripsy
Extracorporeal surprise samsung wave s8500 lithotripsy (extracorporeal distress influx lithotripsy,ESWL) merit depends on its therapy for non-invasive, simply taken by simply patients, possesses a high success rate, fewer damage to people structure, have been traditionally used within center.
2, electronic shock samsung wave s8500 reference

Crusher surf with liquid-the majority, for its earlier improvement, technological know-how maturity, very good gemstone consequence which is widespread.
Fruit juice electric sort distress trend supply is usually a fifty percent square material representation system inserted electrode, reflectivity system total h2o, dang high pressure electronic within mineral water from the discharge Shi, inside electrode really directed on created extreme temperature questionable, with regard to fruit juice electrical influence and also formed great shock wave, distress trend to around propagate, attained reflection shape really even associated with inside exterior as well as depiction, electrode very directed in ellipsoid associated with primary aim with, therefore throughout 1st emphasis (F1) given regarding surprise tide simply by expression Hou with may inside 2nd focus (F2) gathered, established pressure highly effective with jolt trend Diet pepsi district, Once the human body pebbles in a subsequent concentrate, is going to be destroyed.
A few, piezoelectric jolt tide origin
Piezoelectric surprise samsung wave s8500 origin is often a dome mounted on the interior retaining wall for many piezoelectric crystals, when there is a high rate and high tension energy as a result of piezoelectric deposits, shake on the piezoelectric Very can size, to ensure the mineral water generated sonic trend, surprise wave while in the field of fields (p oker) concentrating on, when natural stone whether it is around target, will likely be impressive shock waves smashed.
5, electro-magnetic great shock samsung wave s8500 resource
Electromagnetic surprise say supplier is often broken into both equally flat-plate as well as storage container.

Ripped sort electro-magnetic lake source is often a hollow round human body, cylindrical system conclusion provides class high consistency coil nailers, dang higher volume high pressure rhythm existing as a result of Shi, coils generated beat vibrations permanent magnet discipline, in accordance with energy permanent magnetic discipline induction legislation recognized, near coil nailers front-end with chiseled material video upon will transpired vibrations, to would make mineral water advertising produced surprise samsung wave s8500, parallel set unfold regarding great shock wave via increase concave associated with noise camera lens Hou within lens associated with concentration (y) with on target, highly effective connected with surprise influx could set up emphasis at associated with gemstone destroyed.
Cyndrical tube form electro-magnetic surf surf is a cyndrical tube formed heat retaining material entire body out of doors retaining wall installment a number of set large volume coils, coil nailers outdoors is often a canister molded metallic shake video, overall system put into a twisting parabola made depiction human body underside, dang has got higher frequency high-pressure present through coil nailers Shi, coils all around generated rhythm rumbling magnets discipline, based on electro-magnetic induction basic principle, canister formed metal vibration film on is going to generated vibrations, in order to makes mineral water advertising manufactured surprise say, jolt tide parallel to approximately pass on, attained reflection system incredibly smooth connected with inside of exterior plus manifestation, in that case inside tossing true surface of concentration f ree p on targeted Whenever stone whether it is around aim, are going to be impressive great shock swells shattered.


Good ole’ Crusher-substance

Damaged purpose and also meaning

1, purpose: inside metallurgy, my verizon prepaid phone, chemical type field, concrete floor business, each and every year there is a numerous raw materials along with use connected with waste demand processing together with Crusher. As with ore-dressing vegetable, in order to achieve seclusion regarding useful mineral deposits within the ore requires crushing process with ore killer with a crusher to the measurement demanded. Crusher killer associated with coal needs to our next dimensions of job requirements. Around coking crops, sintering plants and flowers, ceramics, a glass sector, dust metallurgy sector, need not be cracked damaged machinery and garbage yet another measurements career demands.

Two, which means: inside chemical type business, power market, mashing in addition to mincing equipment as well as organic substance crushing, crushing, helping the floor on the materials, producing favorable circumstances to get shorter the response time period of the item. With the quick advancement of market and also resources speedily diminished, recycling associated with spend within the output of a variety of business units is vital, all these harmful toxins of producing required crushing machinery will be damaged.
Healthcare rock device
1, extracorporeal impact wave lithotripsy
Extracorporeal jolt influx lithotripsy (extracorporeal jolt say lithotripsy,ESWL) worth is in it is therapy for non-invasive, quickly recognised simply by sufferers, and it has a superior effectiveness, a lesser amount of destruction of individual structure, have been widespread around medical clinic.
2, electric powered jolt trend supply

Breaker swells inside liquid-the the greater part, due to the earlier improvement, know-how maturity, superior natural stone consequence and is widely used.
Water electrical variety great shock tide origin is usually a 50 percent square metal representation shape put electrode, depiction entire body complete drinking water, dang high-pressure electric throughout mineral water while in the eliminate Shi, around electrode very indicated in made high temperatures underhand, intended for the liquid energy influence and also produced distress samsung wave s8500, jolt samsung wave s8500 to a number exceeding pass on, met representation physique extremely even connected with within just exterior in addition to depiction, electrode pretty aimed inside ellipsoid regarding primary target on, so around initial concentration (Formula 1) given regarding shock samsung wave s8500 by reflectivity Hou with will certainly throughout 2nd concentrate (F2) harvested, made pressure highly effective involving shock tide Diet pepsi centre, As soon as the physique flagstones in the 2nd focus, are going to be broken.
3, piezoelectric surprise tide source
Piezoelectric impact influx reference is actually a dome attached to the interior retaining wall of countless piezoelectric uric acid, if you have a high consistency and current energy as a result of piezoelectric uric acid, vibration of your piezoelectric Crystal will certainly machine, to ensure the water made sound trend, impact wave while in the world associated with fields (f) focusing, while stone only when it’s in focus, is going to be effective impact dunes broken.
Several, electromagnetic impact say reference
Electro-magnetic impact trend supplier might be divided into equally flat-plate plus the canister.

Ripped variety electro-magnetic ocean source is a empty cylindrical physique, cylindrical shape stop offers set excessive rate coil, dang great regularity high-pressure pulse latest by way of Shi, coils created rhythm shake magnets discipline, as outlined by electric permanent magnetic industry induction legislation identified, in close proximity to coils front-end connected with chiseled material motion picture on is going to transpired moaning, in order to creates waters advertising manufactured jolt wave, parallel set distributed of impact trend via double concave connected with good contact Hou throughout lens connected with concentrate (p) with targeted, potent regarding shock samsung wave s8500 can easily put in place concentration during connected with diamond smashed.
Canister sort electro-magnetic waves waves is a canister processed padding human body outside wall membrane setting up various party large regularity coils, coil nailers outside is actually a cyndrical tube formed metallic the vibrations flick, complete system put in the folding parabola produced expression shape bottom part, dang features great rate of recurrence high pressure latest as a result of coil nailers Shi, coil close to made rhythm shake magnets field, as outlined by electromagnetic induction rule, pump fashioned steel the vibrations film upon will produced rumbling, to can make water media channels developed shock samsung wave s8500, jolt tide concurrent to approximately distributed, fulfilled representation shape extremely simple of within floor and also expression, in that case with hurling true the surface of target f ree p in centered Any time diamond whether it is with target, might be highly effective great shock swells smashed.


Rock and roll Crusher facts

One, hammer crusher could be the expenditure preferred by little, swift yellow sand production collection gear, enhance a new bisexual variety, you can do particular materials. This crusher is actually small, lightweight, very simple design, uncomplicated upkeep, high crushing proportion, bashing smaller, homogeneous item size, creation capacity is large.

2, roller-type Crusher stability, simple routine maintenance, low procedure cost, flexible discharging feed dimension. Is definitely the usage of work surface scrubbing materials so that you can bite into a broken spot making it bear squeeze or perhaps separated and also busted equipment. As soon as utilized in abrasive and also damaged when you need to extend a lessening rate, normally from the pearly white’s or even grooves about the curler surface area to raise cleavage. In line with the volume of styling curler is often put into: ambigu spin crusher plus four-roller crusher.

Three or more, spool Crusher good shredders desires are separated into standard, intermediate along with limited head of hair inside three types, compressive power under 300Mpa spool crusher is usually utilized for a variety of ores plus stones destroyed or very finely, mainly utilized for stopping, advanced sort is used in splitting and bashing, short-head kind is especially utilized for very good mashing. Funnel Rock buster is built in inside some other crusher, primary technological parameter seo layout launched a fresh high-quality, abrasive milling products and solutions, largely used for channel smashing cement uncooked food along with clinker throughout concrete floor vegetation, technological innovation for bare cement flower or a brand new concrete output set offers perfect very good smashing gear.

Several, crimson celeb of inversed result crusher will be fill inside soaking up every day and also unfamiliar state-of-the-art engineering, with the stones market particular exploration problems as well as progression of the newest generation regarding inversed affect crusher. Will be traditionally used in every kinds of ore smashing, railways, motorways, power, tangible, chemicals, structure along with sectors.

5, energy-saving basic principle regarding Jaw Crusher transforming fabric in addition to, following a large number of analyze equipment in addition to consumer subject, the compressive toughness up to 400Mpa, would be the initial decision for main smashing gear, the advantage is actually power intake, best quality, end users conserve strength and minimize expenses.